Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: gladi

So I find myself with only minutes left of 2012- a year that has been full of laughter, tears, singing, praying, dancing, and most of all JOY. Despite the ups and downs of this year in Sierra Leone, if I had a word to sum up the year in Krio it would be gladi gladi. It means one word: Happy. Wouldn't you be happy if you had the opportunity every Friday to dance (like no one is watching)? There is no better reason to dance than to celebrate healing and to tell Papa God tenki for these ladies- 12 gladi gladi moments of 2012. Happy New Year!

Note: The last minutes of 2012 when by fast as I waited for the pictures to download and another hour rearranging the photos. Still can't figure out how to format it to my liking, but nonetheless its long past into 2013 and I'm going to bed. May your 2013 be full of gladi gladi moments. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Month in Review

A wise friend told me, "the longer you wait to blog, the harder it is"... and its true. It would be difficult for me to share all my past thoughts, feelings, and activities in one blog entry. To sum up lessons learned and what God is doing in my life in one night, might be disastrous (meaning one very long entry). For now, I will share pictures with you since I last posted in November. A more official life update will come soon, I promise. I only have five days left at this wonderful place.

The ladies spending time with Teacher Hagar. 

USA Election Time: Doesn't represent my political views, but everyone else in Sierra Leone including Aunty Fatu. Not sure about the vertical stripes. 

Break time: Playing jenga with my ladies on the ward. They would take turns pulling a block out while the other one held the tower so it wouldn't fall! 

Due to presidential elections in Sierra Leone, we had to close up the ward for a few weeks. These are the last two ladies that left- all dressed up in their gladi gladi outfits. Bernadette, Ward Supervisor and Millicent, OR supervisor, joined me to say goodbye to these precious ladies. 

American Thanksgiving with friends from all over the World. Thankful for this amazing place to work, beautiful country, and friends that support you even when life seems impossible. 

The VVF Ward was closed, but maternity stayed open so we had babies! Serah was a former VVF patient, but came back pregnant with twins during elections. President Koroma is re-elected! 

Baby "Allison" came for a visit! It was the highlight of my day- my week! Her Mama was also a former VVF and had her in October at AWC. Now Allison comes for her immunizations. 


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