Monday, August 29, 2011


An acrostic written as appreciation for the good work the team of doctors [and the rest of the crew] from Mercy Ship are doing.

M- My heart leaps up for joy
E- Endless happiness I've got
R- Restlessness and pain have gone
C- 'Cause you are special doctors from God
Y- Yes, thousands of Sierra Leoneans have been cured

S- Surely, goodness and mercy are yours
H- Homes from west, east, south, and north
I- Indeed testified your worth
P- Praising you for your good works

Written by mother of a patient that received surgery on August 18th.
"I thank you all. God will continue to bless you."

Thursday, August 25, 2011


“… pray without ceasing.” What does this really mean? Is it possible for us to pray without stopping? Do I pray brushing my teeth? Say a prayer of thanksgiving when I am eating chips & salsa? Praying is part of my job in the operating room. We pray for each patient that comes into theatre. I pray when we are searching for a vein to place a IV in a dehydrated child or for a infection to clear from a surgical wound. It is almost a constant conversation between me & God when we have a difficult case. “Lord, close the blood vessels that are too delicate for the surgeon to see.” We pray for our patients that have been ashamed or hurt because of outside appearances that they will feel loved during their stay on the ship. “May the healing start from the inside out for them.” That is not only our prayer, but also the reason why we are here.

Different things may trigger prayer… when the Emergency Medical Team alarm goes off- we know there is something going wrong with a patient. A status change on facebook may prompt me to pray for a friend. Lots of meetings, Bible studies, and chats lead to prayer among friends onboard. I glance up at my wall covered in pictures of loved ones. God places people on my heart to pray for… a dear friend grieving the loss of her father, missionary friends in other parts of Africa or at home, my sister in PNG, family members that are sick, and my church family in transition. I look at pictures of my supporters and I’m encouraged to know that the prayers are reciprocated.

With all this talk (or type) about prayer, I don’t want be perceived that I’m perfect in it… sometimes I feel “prayered” out. If there is such a thing? It’s a challenge for me every time I bow my head. I don’t want to have the same prayer for each hernia patient, but lately it has been… does God listen to the same mundane prayers? Of course He does, but my heart needs to be in it. I have seen miracles in answers to prayers here and afar; my faith is renewed each time. Sometimes, I feel like my prayers are a one-sided conversation and I wait for a response. I want to know the answers God has for my prayers… His timing is perfect and until then I will try to “Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Friday, August 19, 2011

Bunny Chow Love

My very first bollywood movie... won AFM's Best Musical 2011.
1. Love triangle
2. Dream scene
3. Awesome Dancing

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Productive day working...

A few posts back I shared about a productive day off onboard the ship... then my biggest fan and critic (my father) suggested I share about a working day. So I chose today to share with all of you faithful blog readers even though I am not so a faithful blog writer. I'm working on a serious blog entry that will be out later this week... I can just feel your anticipation on the other side of the screen. God is teaching me a lot and I just want to make sure I convey it well. So August 17th, 2011 went a little like this...

7:45am- I woke up late again. It could be either my alarm is going dead or last night I stayed up late because of all the excitement of the film festival. My bollywood movie won best musical! Anyhow, I run out the door in scrubs and with a handful of granola.

8:02- Time for morning report in the OR. Announcements are read, a verse is shared, a song is sang, and a prayer lifted for the day. We have to start late because the potential of a blackout.

9:40ish- Blackout occurs. Soon after, power is restored and the captain gives us a go ahead that it is safe to start surgery.

10:00 I check in little two year-old Alasan for cleft lip surgery. So nice to have a break from hernia land and work with Dr. Gary in max-fax. Marco scrubs and I circulate for the first case. I help with anesthesia, complete paperwork, help Marco and Dr. Gary with anything since they are sterile. We share riddles with each other as Dr. Gary closes. I need some new ones.

11:30 Alasan is waking up in recovery with a a new lip! We are short on nurses, so we all have to break for lunch. Its usually a cheese toasty (aka grilled cheese), but today there is couscous instead of rice. I dig in and enjoy the change of taste. Applesauce and walnuts for a snack.

12 noon We start on our second case. I scrubbed my hands as Marco brings in four year-old Nymah. Her upper lip is pretty big and there is gap right under her nose. Untrained midwives tried to save Nymah's life when she was born by trying to stitched together her lip. Most babies like her born with cleft lips, are left for dead because of traditional beliefs. Unfortunately, the suture broke and the lip split and was left with scar tissue. I assisted Dr. Gary in moving skin and muscle around Nymah's lips- its like a puzzle to put back together. Pretty amazing to witness transformation like that in just a few hours.

1500 Nymah's in recovery and we clean the room. Next we call D ward for Alimata. I greeted her at the pre-op bench and she was all smiles even though she had nothing to eat today. She speaks small small English and with my broken Krio- I check her in for surgery. Alimata is only 12 years old and translates everything for her father. We walk into the OR corridor and she is already holding on to the side of me, not wanting me to let her go- I hold her hand until she drifts off to sleep. She tells me she loves me and smiles. Dr. Gary and Dr. Bello remove a tumor behind her eye- we pray her vision remains unchanged with the delicate work done by the surgeons. Marco scrubs and I circulate running for different instruments or supplies.

1730 We finish surgery right at change over time. Alimata is waking up as I give hand over report to the on-call nurse. I hope to visit my little friend in the ward tomorrow. I head up for dinner and enjoy conversation with friends in the dining room.

1830 Youth leaders meeting and we get to planning a pretty awesome semester for the teenagers onboard.

1930 Need some girl time... grabbed a drink from the snackbar and visited some friends. Yes, we did girly things, painted finger nails, and watched the Office. Lots of laughter. :)

2300 Now I find myself here in front of my computer and hoping that I can post this blog. Facebook seems not to like me right now- I have tried a couple times to post my bollywood movie, but it won't allow me. I'll work on it another night because my book & pillow are calling my name.

Sweet dreams blog world. xo


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