Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Agape... Not only does it mean love, but one meaning is to fine one's joy in. The word agape is used in 1st John for us to understand not to find joy in loving the things of this world. Firstly, I love God and second I love people. Maybe coming in a close third would be mexican food, but unfortunately its of this world. Or is it? :) So God's given me a love for a certain type of people... the unlovable in the world's eyes. These fistula ladies are so easy to love. I love their their smiles and silly quirks that I get to know while they stay on the ward for a few weeks... like Doris here in the picture.
So, I've been gone from AWC for six days now and I have thought of the ladies often. I am thankful to my Mercy Ship family that have hosted me and listened to my stories and looked at my pictures of them. They have heard me say over and over again, "They are my joy." I must sound like a proud mama, sharing about Korea walking and Isatu finally having her gladi gladi ceremony. I'm cutting my trip short here in Guinea just so I can travel back to Salone in time to celebrate with Isatu and dance with the ladies on Friday.
I love people too on this ship. It felt like coming home. The Africa Mercy crew was my ship family for three years as we served together in Benin, Togo, and Sierra Leone. This visit has been rejuvenating for the body and soul. Community is good for me- amazing talks over coffee, meals of cheese toasties (grilled cheese for Americans), and hanging out on the deck. Most of all the hugs. These people know how to hug... and also listen when you need to talk. There was a lot I needed to process about the past 10 months I have been away from the ship and also my future plans. For now, I will leave this floating white box in less than six hours and travel for the majority of the day back to the little women's hospital with renewed agape for what I have the joy to do.


The views expressed here are solely mine and are not the opinion of AWC/Mercy Ships.